Getting sick or getting hurt is a huge setback for any level of athlete, and getting back into your gym or box as quickly as possible often becomes more important than recovery. However, that’s where a lot of athletes slip up. Working out before your body is ready can cause more problems than it’s worth so recovery is key. Whilst there’s no cure that will get you better straight away, follow our 10 steps to speed things up.

Listen to your body.

The athlete inside of you will be yearning for the gym as soon as you start to feel human. But don’t be stupid. As frustrating as it is, trying to run before you can walk will cause more damage than good. Top Crossfit coaches insist on not training through illness or injury, so listen to them.

Eat Plenty.

It sounds pretty simple, and it is. You have to fuel up whilst you recovery and listening to what your body wants is just as important as eating itself. However your body wants it’s energy to come in, let it have it, but try to have at least one good meal per day.

Drink Plenty.

Again, just as when you’re training, stay hydrated when you’re not. However don’t rely on water alone, you need to fuel up on electrolytes too in order to help the PH balance in your blood and speed up the recovery process.


Whilst your body is recovering, keep your mind focused. Keeping stress levels to a minimum and having a focused mind can work wonders for recovery so make sure that you keep up your mental momentum, even if all you do is lay in bed all day.

Set Some Goals.

And make sure that you stick to them. Even if you can’t make it to the box, something as simple as a walk to the end of the street each day can help gets the gears moving. Setting goals and hitting them can make you feel good about your recovery.

Surround Yourself With Positive People.

Whilst you’re ill, most people will want to stay clear of you anyway, but if it’s just an injury then keeping those close to you around is key to staying on track.

Light Mobility Exercise.

Going back to listening to your body, every athlete is different and if you’re not up for it then you shouldn’t do anything. However, if you do feel up to some light exercise then you should go for it. If nothing else, it’s a change of scenery from the box.


This should really go without saying. Regardless of whether you’re ill, injured or at full fitness then rest is key to your body’s natural recovery – and we’re talking about more than a 30 second rest between sets. Don’t rush back into the gym and take things at a leisurely pace.

Stay Connected.

One of the best sources of support when it comes to times like this is your coach, personally trainer or your gym-buddy. Staying connected to somebody who knows just how hard you worked in the first place can give you the right kind of support when you need it most.

Keep Things In Perspective.

Illness and injury happen, so don’t sweat it. One of the most important aspects of recovery is that you keep things in perspective and know that given a few weeks, you’ll be back at it at full strength so sit back, relax and enjoy the break because there are some things we can change and some we can’t.


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