The humble kettlebell has become an essential piece of equipment for any workout, but with so many exercises out there it’s difficult to work out which ones are going to help you to become a better Crossfitter. However if there are only four exercises that you do again, these are the ones for you.

Open Palm Front Squat

Great for wrist strength if done properly, the Open Palm Front Squat mimics the Crossfit Barbell racking position and helps with tricep and lat flexibility, promoting thoracic and shoulder mobility. Adding the squat in there gives the exercise that little bit more too.

Kettlebell Standing Pull-Over

This is undoubtedly the easiest of the five, grab the kettlebell by the horns with the base facing upwards. Stand in a neutral position and bring the kettlebell over head in a controlled movement. Once past the head, push your chest out, let your triceps and lats stretch, let the weight hang before pulling it back over.

Conventional Kettlebell Swing

A controversial inclusion given the “Swinging feels like cheating” mantra that many Crossfitters take. With so many different types of swings, you need to master the conventional swing so you can clean, snatch and be more proficient, end of story.

Turkish Get-Up

A truly functional movement, the TGU works every muscle in your body alongside shoulder mobility as you look to stabilise as you move. Starting laying down with your head touching the ground, you want to slowly lift your body off the ground, with complete control until you’re locked out, stood upright with the kettlebell in the air. Then you go back down to the starting position.