Guest Blog By Melissa Woolven

Most of us are aware of the term “poor form”, chances are we have heard others passing comment on another trainee’s form or even our own. However, it’s surprising how many people don’t listen to advice on how to have good form or even know the meaning of it.

Form is generally used to describe our posture and way to perform a movement when training, specifically regarding strength training and using weights.

You Need To Know The Importance Of Having Good Form Whilst Training

Working Your Target Muscle Groups

Incorrect, or poor form, can cause the focus of the movement from your exercise to shift onto untargeted muscle groups.

For example; the side lateral raise. If you were to adopt a swinging motion, in lieu of the required controlled small movements and steady raising of the arms, the emphasis shifts from the shoulder muscles into the traps. This restricting the results achieved from the exercise. Once you have completed your workout, it is important to ensure that you refuel your body. This can be in the form of a rehydration drink or even a protein shake in order to repair your muscle tissue.

Helps You Breathe

If your poor form creates unnecessary usage of muscles, and more movement than required, your breathing organs will need to work harder to cater for the extra energy you exert.

We can use the above example once more because lets face it, we have all seen someone in the gym making lat raises look like a type of cardio workout by flapping as though they are about to take off. This tends to be the same individual who is breathing heavily as though they have just taken part in a bleep test.

Prevents Injury

Yes you guessed it… the most well known outcome of poor form is of course… injury. Poor form is the most common cause of injury amongst those who like to build muscle. A combination of good form, a well balanced diet and healthy snacks after a work out are the key to building and toning your muscles without fear of injury.

For example; performing dead-lifts. The biggest mistake people make when performing dead-lifts is hyper extension of the back at the top of the lift. As a result more stress is put onto your spine and discs, increasing the risk of injury.

End Note

Developing good form is just a matter of taking your time, lowering the weights if needed and practicing. Our collection of WOD and Fitness Belts would also offer the perfect support, take a look now to kick start your journey towards the perfect form.

Written by Melissa Woolven

On behalf of: KO Personal Training

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