How to support and protect your joints during a workout

Ever wondered if knee sleeves and wrist wraps impact your performance during workouts? Lo and behold there are many benefits associated with wearing them, providing both compression and warmth to help increase performance and prevent injuries during your Workout.

Take your training to the next level with Kinetic RX Pro knee sleeves and wrist wraps! Designed to follow the body’s natural flow while supporting the joints which enable ease of movement to take place.

Wrist wraps and knee sleeves are a very common sight in weight gyms, and are appreciated by weightlifters across the globe given they allow for more weight to be lifted due to the reduction in the amount of strain on the joints. The result: enabling heavier and faster exercises being performed minus the unwanted damage.

Support and protection is vital for any cross fit athlete; preventing muscle damage is crucial as injuries in this industry can be fatal for career progression. So why risk it when you can be stylish and secure during every workout with our matching gear. Discover our quirky designs including Paradise, Reptile and Skullduggery styles, or why not tear up the gym with our roaring Tiger knee sleeves!

Wrap up your wrists ready for your work-out:

Kinetic RX Pro wrist wraps combine heavy duty webbing for optimal support with a 4 way stretch elastic cotton blend for superior comfort. Finished with a strong velcro fastening for easy adjustments and a secure fit, making us suitable for Olympic standard lifting! Have you got what it takes?

Knee sleeves are needed for breaking new heights:

Stability is key during weightlifting, which is why Kinetic RX Pro knee sleeves are designed to stabilize limbs during training, ensuring maximum performance is achieved. Our knee sleeves provide a warm compression like feel which helps to relieve pain, allowing training to continue during rehabilitation so there’s never a reason to have a day off, surely?!

All in all, we hope you’d agree they are a workout essential, which deserve their own space in the gym bag! Browse our collection here.


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