Introducing Kinetic’s NEW Professional Nutrition and Health Supplements.

Kinetic RX Pro are armed with a new range of protein-rich nutritional products along with a fresh website look and feel to match!


Kinetic RX Pro now offer a wide selection of functional fitness supplements to help you reach core performance goals, whether that be improved strength, greater endurance or general wellbeing, Kinetic has it covered! We’re confident you’ll be enticed to kick start a healthier diet and lifestyle…

To help you understand which products will be better suited to your lifestyle, our new health products are grouped into 4 performance goal categories; endurance, strength, lean or wellbeing. With Kinetic RX Pro, you can be sure your CrossFit targets are not only reached but smashed above and beyond expectations! With the variety of benefits attributed to our nutritional range, it’s crucial to pick the right product for your goal…


Embedding an endurance exercises (such as long-distance cycling or running) into your nutritional regimes can greatly benefit your health through improved energy levels and muscle tone. We recognise how crucial stamina is in CrossFit as it can leave you both mentally and physically drained, which is why our new range of energy products are engineered to keep you replenished and fuelled through every gruelling workout or competition battle.


At the core of CrossFit is strength training, which is why our Proteins and Amino Acids can help fuel your workout and get you on track with packing muscle and mass! These healthy supplements & snacks are ideal for reaching your calorie surplus and enhancing physical performance.


Get toned up with our range of lean enhancing products that can improve posture, stability and balance. Working towards a lean body can often makes you look and feel more youthful and energetic, which in the long-term boosts confidence and self-esteem.


If you’re looking to boost cardiovascular, immunity, and improve your joint health, the Kinetic wellbeing range provides a variety of products to help you fight the stresses of year-round training. Maintaining your wellbeing is essential for internal healing, cleansing and repairing of the body, which can subsequently boost self-esteem in the long term. Our go to product is the Aloe Vera juice drink which contains leaf pulp that is rich in natural nutrients and fibre.

Browse through our health and nutrition supplements here to advance through to your desired destination sooner!



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