As part of our recent re-launch of NEW functional fitness nutrition supplements, team Kinetic are going to be attending the Rainhill Autumn Trails!

If you’re a fanatic at weightlifting, the Rainhill Trails is an ideal event to attend this weekend commencing 18th and 19th November 2017 and is open to all abilities. The Rainhill Trails is a no qualifier event, designed to open competition to all fitness enthusiasts regardless of their CrossFit experience.

Over 480 registered athletes are featuring at the two day event, half male and half female, held at the Indoor Athletics Arena, SportCity, Manchester UK. The hopeful athletes will be strength training to give a series of results, allowing them to be ranked with similar level athletes for competition on the day in one of four subsidiary competitions.

Why not come along to cheer on the athletes as they battle it out in each competition level, whether that be the “Rocket” for elite abilities, “Kennedy” for advanced level, “Rastrick” for intermediate athletes or the “Wood” for beginners. Competitors in the “Wood” and “Rastrick” categories will compete on Saturday 18th, whereas competitors in the “Kennedy” and “Rocket” categories will compete on Sunday 19th.

Interested? Get your tickets here! Come along and say hello to the Kinetic RX Pro team who will be featuring at STAND 8, supported by our very own up and coming athlete, Toni Fitzgerald. Toni trains regularly with our sponsored coach, Lukasz, at the CrossFit MaxOn in Macclesfield. We’ll be there to guide you on the best supplements, clothing and accessories to help to you perform to top condition.

Do you want to be part of our fast-growing functional fitness and nutrition brand, and help maximise the potential for your CrossFit box? We’re seeking like-minded Cross Fitters, Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Sports Professionals, Health and Wellness Experts and anyone who loves fitness who are willing to embrace our products and share their knowledge on diet, training and integration.

With Kinetic’s extensive nutritional product range, attractive commissions and exceptional USP’s, our affiliate program is an amazing way to generate extra revenue! Come and chat with our Affiliate Manager, Daniel, who will be at STAND 8 to answer any questions you might have.

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