Lizard Eye Knee Sleeves

£29.99 £10.50

Designed and engineered with high quality 5mm SBR Neoprene featuring a unique articulated Aeroflex ribbed back panel to allow for better comfort in the squat movement. Unlike other supports, our sleeve will move and compress following the motion and contraction of the knee joint and not cause discomfort. The Aeroflex material will also allow for moisture and sweat wicking during longer workouts without sacrificing warmth and stability. Warmth protects your joints and soft tissues from injury.

Ideal product where you require both agility and support with a mental and physical feeling of safety.

  • High quality 5 mm SBR Neoprene construction offering excellent support and stability.
  • Anatomic design and construction.
  • Aeroflex corrugated ribbed back panel to aid in motion and comfort as well as breathability.
  • Moisture wicking capability.
  • Helps to relieve knee pain and allows training during rehabilitation.
  • Stays in place during workouts, wear for longer periods.

Sold as a pair.